Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with OutReach!

Our preferred application method is our online volunteer application. After submitting, you should expect to hear from our Program Director within 5-7 business days.

Interested in donating your time to OutReach?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with OutReach! Volunteers are an integral part of OutReach’s success; without passionate and dedicated people like you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Volunteers can assist in many different aspects of OutReach planning, programming, and implementation of services to our clients. Volunteers can also help out with our fundraising events (i.e - annual Garden Party or Awards Banquet) or are needed with tabling events throughout the year (i.e. - various summer festivals or volunteer fairs.)

Volunteer Information

Volunteers must complete the volunteer application (either online or on paper), agree to a background check, interview with the Program Director, sign and agree to adhere to OutReach’s Ethics and Confidentiality Statement, and successfully complete any trainings pertinent to the volunteer activity of choice.

We ask our volunteers have a good attitude while volunteering, have empathy when working with diverse populations of people, and are responsible, reliable, have good communication skills, be non-judgmental, and trustworthy.

OutReach has the right to decline any volunteer application for any reason.

Drug and Alcohol Statement

OutReach, Inc. does not tolerate impaired performance due to substance abuse (legal or illegal) by its employees/volunteers while on the job. The following is a statement of that policy:

OutReach, Inc. strictly prohibits the use, possession, sale, conveyance, distribution, or manufacture of illegal drugs, intoxicants, controlled substances, and/or drug paraphernalia in any amount or in any manner in the workplace. Prescription or over-the-counter drugs, if abused or used without proper medical direction, are strictly prohibited. Impaired performance due to substance abuse is a violation of agency policy and is prohibited. There is zero tolerance for volunteers being impaired while on the job. You will no longer be allowed to volunteer here if you show up to your shift under the influence.

Please fill out the Volunteer Application.

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Please fill in your LEGAL first name.

Please put your LEGAL Middle Intial.

Please put your LEGAL last name.

Please let us know if there is name you would prefer us to use over your legal first name.

A preferred gender pronoun, or PGP, is simply the pronoun or set of pronouns that an individual would like others to use when talking to or about that individual. (Examples - He, Ze, Hir, They, Ve, She, Ey, Use of name only, Xe, etc)

Please fill in your home address. If you currently are without one, please fill in an address we can mail something to you.

Please enter the email address you can be reached at.

Please add a phone number that would be safe for OutReach to call you at.

Please fill in your date of birth.

Enter "Phone" or "Email"

Please enter the days you are available to Volunteer and What time of day works better. For example: "I am available Mon-Sat. I am available morning on Mon and Tues, Evenings on Wed, and Thurs and Fri I am available in the midday."

Who is your current employer? If you do not have one, please put "Not applicable."

Please fill in an email or phone number we can contact your employer and a name of someone we can contact. For example: "Susan, susan@anyjobsite.com, 608.555.1212"

Please add a non personal reference, including a way to contact them, and how you know them. "David, coworker, david@coworker.com"

Mark the volunteer option that you could find yourself the most useful.

Why would you like to volunteer with us?

What expertise can you bring to your role at OutReach?

How can volunteering at OutReach help you?

Volunteer Disclosure and Release form

By signing the Volunteer Disclosure and Release form the applicant agrees:
1. To complete the Volunteer Application with factual information.
2. To disclose any criminal offense and/or convictions relating or equivalent to:
* Any offense/crime involving murder
* Any offense/crime (sexual, physical, emotional, etc.) involving children, the elderly, and/or persons with any type of disability
* Any offense/crime involving illegal computer activity of any kind
* Any offense/crime involving theft of any nature
* Any offense/crime involving fraud of any kind
* Any offense/crime involving drugs or alcohol
* Any offense/crime involving assault (of any nature), domestic assault, disorderly conduct
* Any offense/crime punishable as a Hate Crime
* Any offense/crime of a sexual nature
3. To complete a successful background check.
4. To allow for the release of information to appropriate law enforcement agencies in order to conduct a background check
5. To agree to disclose any future criminal convictions or violations
6. To acknowledge the staff of OutReach, Inc. will complete an inquiry regarding references and previous volunteer experiences
7. To allow OutReach, Inc to perform at their discretion updated background checks
8. To acknowledge that if any background and/or general information inquiry discloses any misrepresentation on the Volunteer Application that indicates an individual us not suited for voluntary service for OutReach, Inc, the applicant shall be denied the voluntary position, or, if already placed, the volunteer employee will be immediately discharged.

It is important to note, that any offense/crime in any of the above listed areas will not immediately disqualify a person for volunteering. An open discussion between OutReach, Inc and the applicant will determine, case by case, if the applicant is suitable for the desired volunteer position. OutReach, Inc staff has the right to decline any volunteer application for any reason or unrelated to any offense/crime.

By entering your legal name, you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.

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