Updated March 18, 2016

Call 255-8582 or send e-mail to for more information. Any group wanting to meet at OutReach should contact Angie Rehling at the above phone or e-mail.

Please call to check about meeting status around holidays. During periods of severe or inclement weather, call 255-8582 to see if OutReach will be open or if the group will be meeting.

(# denotes OutReach sponsored/supported group).

Listed in alphabetical order:

Aces Wild

Do you identify as asexual, gray-ace, demi, or aromantic? Do you enjoy playing games and possibly eating snacks? Come to Aces Wild! We will play card games, word games, board games, etc! This is a social gathering so feel free to bring your friends!
MEETING INFO: Third Saturday of the month from 3:00-5:00pm, starting March 21st.
CONTACT INFO: Email Tristin or Tina at

Al Anon LGBT (affected family & friends of alcoholics)

MEETING INFO: Every Tuesday night at 5:30 pm,
CONTACT INFO: Call OutReach at 608.255.8582

Alcoholics Anonymous (LGBT friendly) – CURRENTLY ON HIATUS

MEETING INFO: Every Saturday at 6:00pm (open group)
Please see page 4 for the Narcotics Anonymous group; it is open to all addictions.
CONTACT INFO: Call OutReach at 255-8582

Alianza Latina*

OutReach and Alianza Latina are working together to offer a safe meeting space for Latino youth and their Allies. Alianza Latina Youth is a group for young Latino people from 7th grade to 12th grade that are questioning, need help, or information about their sexuality. This group was established to help young Latinos educate themselves and have a safe place where they can feel free to be who they are. We know that as Latino people our culture is sometimes really close minded and finding a place where we can feel safe is really hard. In Alianza Latina Youth, we provide a place to be yourself without being discriminated.
MEETING INFO: The second Thursday of the month from 7:00-9:00pm.
CONTACT INFO: Baltazar de Anda-Santana at or
* Alianza Latina is a group of Vera Court Neighborhood Center.


A social support group for those who identify as bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, fluid, queer, or who do not use a label, or feel that they might be otherwise non-monosexual. Also open to friends, family, partners, and allies of bi/pan/etc. people. The group meets at OutReach but also goes out in the community for activities around Madison. Find the group on Facebook!
MEETING INFO: The first and third Mondays of the month from 7:00-9:00pm
CONTACT INFO: Email the facilitators at

Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up is a round table discussion group for bottoms, submissives, slaves, and switches based in Madison, WI. Each meeting will be focused around a topic for all participants to discuss, ask questions, and provide their experience on.
MEETING INFO: The first Wednesday of the month at 7pm
CONTACT INFO: Email Christina at

Folk Music Sing-A-Long Group - CURRENTLY ON HIATUS

This group was formed for people who love to perform music. Come sing and play folk music at OutReach!
CONTACT INFO: Email Fay at

#Friends To Be With

A social group for folks with developmental and/or physical disabilities and their allies.
MEETING INFO: The first Wednesday of the month at 11:00am
CONTACT INFO: Email Carey at

FTM / Genderqueer Group

Peer-led, non-professional, social/support group for people who identify as FTM, genderqueer, transsexual men, drag kings, butch, intersex men, and anyone else assigned female at birth who identifies as masculine. Significant others, friends, families, and allies are encouraged to attend and participate in meetings. Diversity in gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic class, race, ethnicity, religion, ability, and anything else that makes up a person is welcomed.
MEETING INFO: The fourth Monday of the month from 6:00-8:00pm

#Gray & Gay - Senior Discussion Group

MEETING INFO: The second and fourth Thursday of the month from 1:00-3:00pm at the Madison Senior Center (330 West Mifflin St.)

#Have You Lost Faith in Faith?

Many LGBTQ people feel disconnected to faith or religion for many reasons. This group is a meeting space to discuss the question of lost faith.
MEETING INFO: The first and third Thursdays of the month from 1:00pm – 3:00pm at The Coffee Gallery (1865 Northport Dr., in the Sherman Plaza)
CONTACT INFO: Email Linda at

#LGBTQ History Group

Sponsored by the LGBT Senior Alliance, this group focuses on the rich local history of the LGBT movement of Wisconsin, Madison in particular. Topics will be different each month.
MEETING INFO: The second Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm at the Madison Senior Center (330 West Mifflin St.).
CONTACT INFO: Email or call OutReach at 255-8582.

LGBTQ Narratives

This is a queer activist-writers' group in which participants produce and share personal narratives and other creative works. Members of LGBTQ Narratives also host a monthly open mic for queers and allies (open to the public).
MEETING INFO: The first Wednesday of the month at 7pm
CONTACT INFO: Email for more information.

Madison Cross-dressers Support Group

MEETING INFO: The second and fourth Fridays of the month from 6:30pm-8:00pm
CONTACT INFO: Email Wayne at or call 608.255.8582

Madison Area Transgender Association (MATA) Social/Support Group

Check out the group’s Facebook page by searching MATA: Madison Area Transgender Association.
MEETING INFO: The first and third Saturdays of each month from 3:00-5:00pm
MEETING INFO: The second and fourth Fridays of each month from 7:00-9:00pm
CONTACT INFO: Wayne at or 608.255.8582

#Men’s Coming Out Group

The purpose of the group is to offer support to men who are dealing with the realization they are not heterosexual and how that affects their everyday lives and to support those people. The group will identify and discuss the stages of coming out and explore topics such as how to deal with one’s own feelings about coming out, family members, physical and sexual safety, legal rights and discrimination, and more. Contact Roger at the email below for information on joining the group.
CONTACT INFO: Email Roger at

#Men’s Domestic Violence Survivors Support Group

This group is a crisis-based peer-led confidential support group for male-identifying individuals dealing with the effects of emotional, verbal, and physical abuse by a partner or ex-partner. Date, time, and location are confidential. Please email or call for an initial screening process prior to group participation. The group is offered in conjunction with Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS).
MEETING INFO: Confidential (Contact Eric or Anton for date, time, and location)
CONTACT INFO: Email Eric at

Narcotics Anonymous (LGBT-friendly) - Open group

MEETING INFO: Weekly on Sunday evenings from 6:00 – 7:00pm
CONTACT INFO: Email Julie at

#Out and About in Madison--CURRENTLY ON HIATUS

Looking for a place to find other guys over 30 yrs old to just do stuff with? You found it.
“Guys Night Out” is a bi-weekly outing for the guys to hang out and meet others with similar interests. Dinners, movies, the theater/orchestra, bowling, etc. We also plan day trips to Six Flags, kayak outings and more. The first Saturday of the month is a dinner outing and the third Saturday of the month is a movie outing. Join the Group page on Facebook to see what we are all about!
MEETING INFO: The first and third Saturdays of each month
CONTACT INFO: Email Michael at OR
visit the Facebook page at

#OutReach of Columbia County

OutReach is very excited to expand north into Adams & Columbia County! The objective of the group is to offer support, social activities, referrals and information to the residents of Adams & Columbia County. Email or call for meeting time and location.
CONTACT INFO: Call OutReach at (608)255-8582 or email

#OutReach of Rock County

OutReach expanded its support network into Rock County in November 2010. The objective of the group is to offer support, social activities, fundraising events, referral, and information to the residents of Rock County.
MEETING INFO: The first Monday of the month from 6:00-8:00pm at First Christian Church (an open and affirming church) located at 1909 Highland Ave, Janesville, WI, 53548
CONTACT INFO: Call OutReach at 608.255.8582 or email

#OutThere (18-24 yr old social group)

Movie nights, trips, social gatherings, etc. Allies are more than welcome!
MEETING INFO: The first and third Sunday of the month at 5:00pm
CONTACT INFO: Email facilitators at

#Partners of People Who Are Transgender

This group is a source of support and connection for partners or spouses of people who have a partner or spouse who is transgender. This peer group is a way to connect with others who have had or currently are in relationships with people who are Trans*.
MEETING INFO: The fourth Friday of the month at 7:00pm--- Contact Sarah for meeting location
CONTACT INFO: Email Sarah at

Poly Out

A discussion group for people who self-identify as polyamorous.
MEETING INFO: The first Friday of the month from 7:00pm-9:00pm
CONTACT INFO: Email Lisa at

#Q-CINEMA International (LGBTQA multi-cultural film/social group)

MEETING INFO: The second & fourth Wednesdays at 6:30pm (The second Wednesday of the month only, June-August)

#Rainbow Connections -- ON HIATUS UNTIL MARCH 24TH

A support group for LGBTQ People who have dealt or are dealing with mental health challenges.
MEETING INFO: The fourth Wednesday of the month from 4:30-6 pm
CONTACT INFO: Email Nancy at

#Women4Women Social Group

Women4Women is a social group for any person who self-identifies as female or feminine; whether the person is cisgender or trans*.
MEETING INFO: The second and fourth Saturdays of the month from 3:00pm-5:00pm
CONTACT INFO: Email Lalita or Amber at